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Petroleum Products Marketing, Retail and Distribution

Ivan Oil & Gas  delivers high-quality petroleum products that enrich the lives of our customers and help fuel the world’s economy. Specializing in marketing and distribution, our experience also extends to importation of refined petroleum products. The Company products marketing operations (downstream activities) are concentrated in the Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern region of Russia.

Ivan Oil & Gas  is a diversified distributor of petroleum products in Russia. We offer commercial, retail, wholesale and residential petroleum products such as PMS, AGO and DPK to customers through our branded stations and mobile trucks. The Company has evolved into a multi branded multi-petroleum product distributor with impressive growth recorded annually.

Through our marketing division, we supply petroleum products to consumer end-users within our market area. Ivan Oil & Gas recently entered the lubricant business, producing and marketing motor oil, hydraulic/automatic transmission fluids and grease throughout the nation.

The distribution department manages the competitive bidding process to efficiently obtain products from different source for delivery to our numerous customers. The company was over the years rendering services to ChevronTexaco now MRS across the country, a partnership that was been described as rewarding while it lasted.